Top Tips for Driving in Barbados

Welcome to the beautiful island of Barbados where we drive on the left-hand side of the road. If you happen to fall into the “right-hand side” category, don’t worry we have some tips to guide you on how to drive in Barbados.


Wear Your Seatbelts:

Firstly, make sure you buckle up! It is required by law that both driver and passengers to wear your seatbelts. Children or toddlers under 5 years and younger must be seated with a child seat. We have car seats available for rent.

wear your seatbelt in barbados

Absolutely no texting or talking on the phone while driving in Barbados is allowed, unless it is bluetooth connected to the vehicle. It is also against the law to wear an earpiece or headset whilst driving. The fine for these actions is up to US$1000 and/or imprisonment for 18 months.

Driving On The Left:

If you have never driven on the left before or even driven a right hand drive then first take the car for a ride around the car park slowly to get acquainted. Remember to always think left. This rule does not apply when you have to overtake or turn right.



Make sure to give way to vehicles coming from the right at the roundabout. It can be confusing but be cautious and look out for pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.


 driving in barbados drive a matic roundabout


Speed Limit:

Be wary of the traffic signs and speed limits. Speed limits for driving in Barbados may differ from other countries, therefore be aware that speed limits are measured in kilometers per hours rather than miles per hour. The conversion is 1 kilometer = 0.62 miles.

80 km/hr = 50 miles/hr on main roads
60 km/hr = 37 miles/hr in rural areas
40 km/hr = 20 miles/hr in city/ Bridgetown


barbados road signs



Even though Barbados roads are in relatively good condition, there are some potholes that may be missed. Thus, pay close attention while driving and avoid those holes!


Rush Hours

Be mindful of the time.  In Barbados, the peak rush hours on weekdays begins from 6:30am to 8:30 am and from 4:30 pm to 5:30pm.


Driving Etiquette


You may notice while driving in Barbados drivers tend to honk their horn frequently. This is usually a friendly gesture to say “hi” or “thank you” most of the time.


Flashing Lights

When driving during the day or night you may discover that some drivers flash their lights at you. The flashing of the lights may have several meanings depending on the situation, “ thank you”, “ hi” or “allowing you to turn”.


We hope you get acquainted with the roads and culture when driving in Barbados. Most of all we want you to stay alert and make the most of your experience while traveling on the island. Make sure to book your vehicle in advance and enjoy your time in our tropical paradise!